Is Your Student Interested in SWCC Classes? If So, Read This.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Interested sophomores, juniors, and TAG students may be eligible to take SWCC classes next year. Follow these three steps:

1. Apply to SWCC

2. Take the ACCUPLACER- Sign up here

3. Demonstrate proficiency on the Iowa Assessements this spring- Senior Year Plus Guidelines provided by the Iowa Department of Education require that students demonstrate proficiency in all three testing areas: reading, math, and science. There are limited exceptions.

On or after March 26, students will complete a fall registration form indicating which college classes they are selecting to take next fall. This form will be due in the spring: TBA. A spring registration from will be available next school year.

In most cases, students should plan ahead and complete the SWCC enrollment process this spring. It is often too late to sign up for SWCC classes next fall.

Current SWCC students do not need to reapply to SWCC or retake the ACCUPLACER, but they will need to complete the fall registration form.

If you have questions contact Mrs. Scott, the school counselor.

Jennifer Scott

School Counselor