Clarke Graduation 2020 Update

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Family Members,                                                                     

A meeting about this year’s graduation was held recently with the following in attendance: The Senior Class Student Government, Senior Student Council Members, CCHS Principal, and CCHS Staff. Please understand that this is a fluid action plan, and some minor tweaks could be made in the future. We are still doing a virtual graduation on May 24th at 2:00 PM. The format will be a video featuring senior photos, senior awards, and more. This video will be sent out via social media. We have also agreed to have a traditional graduation ceremony on Sunday, June 28 at 2:00 PM (location TBD) unless limitations for social gatherings are still in place. If those limitations are still in place, we will go with the following type of in-person ceremony:

  • We will set up the stage on the grassy section of the MS/HS circle drive.
  • The stage will be set up like our regular indoor graduation.
  • Students will be given a number in advance for their diploma, and a like number will be attached to their diplomas on stage.
  • Drivers/Parents will pull up to an established point of circle drive in front of the MS entrance #31. The student and one other person may exit the vehicle. The student will walk to the stage and state the number to an awaiting staff member. The staff member will pull diploma and hand it to the presenter. The presenter will hand the student a diploma. We will forego the traditional handshakes and hugs. 
  • The student will walk to the opposite side of stage, turn his/her tassel the correct direction, get a professional photo taken, walk off the stage, get back in his/her vehicle, exit circle drive and head east to Highway 69 on Seminole Way. Seminole way is the newly constructed road that leads to Highway 69 from MS/HS circle drive.

 More specific information on how we would like vehicles to enter and exit the ceremony will be provided in a couple of weeks.  In addition, the students and staff know that if we are not able to hold the ceremony on June 28, there will be no rescheduling of the graduation ceremony.

We are sure many of you have other thoughts and ideas about graduation. Still, we would like to quote what someone stated in our meeting.  “You know Mr. Stephens this is a global pandemic we are going through, and I bet most people will be happy that the school is even attempting to do something for us.”

 Any questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to Mr. Shane Stephens, or call him at 342-6505 ext 500.


Mr. Shane Stephens