Clarke's Continuous Learning Plan is Live!

Clarke’s Voluntary Continuous Learning Plan site is now live!

Access teacher instructional videos and activities at  Teachers will add new content each week.  You have the option of turning in your student’s work to teachers for review.  You can either email the work directly to the teacher listed on the cover page provided with the work, or you can drop off a hard copy of the work each Monday from 8 am - 7 pm.  Drop boxes will be available under the awning at the elementary school or in the middle school vestibule. Work will be sorted and scanned to the appropriate teacher.  

Additionally, teachers will begin providing optional Zoom sessions for students each Thursday, beginning April 23rd.  Sessions allow students to receive feedback, additional help, or to say hello to their teacher(s). No new instruction will be provided during the Zoom sessions and students can drop in/out of sessions, as needed.  Each teacher will share his/her Zoom times directly with parents and students. If students have additional questions about their work, they can contact their teachers directly via email.

Teachers have been working hard to prepare videos and activities for your students and are excited to be providing them instruction and support.