Hello! We made it to Christmas break!  We know there will be students/families who have to isolate or quarantine due to Covid-19 during this time. Clarke Community School District is asking for your help in communicating with us via email. We would like to have names of students that begin isolation or quarantine over the break.  To make our transition back to school smoother, we would like this information prior to returning to school on January 6th. 

If you have a student test positive for covid, please email your building school nurse and answer the following questions:

  • Student name

  • Date student became symptomatic or date student tested positive if asymptomatic

  • Please indicate if your student was at school 48 hours before their symptoms began.

  • Whether anyone else in the home is also positive or symptomatic

  • Best phone number to reach a parent/guardian

If you have a student who is in quarantine due to covid exposure, please answer the following questions: 

  • Student name (If you have multiple in quarantine please name them all)

  • Date student was exposed to covid

  • Whether the student is currently symptomatic or asymptomatic

  • Best phone number to reach a parent/guardian

Please send all emails to amiller@clarke.k12.ia.us if your child attends the elementary or Cheri.McCann@clarke.k12.ia.us if your child attends the middle/high school.  If you have any questions, please contact Clarke County Public Health at 641-342-3724.  We appreciate your communication and Happy Holidays! 



Andrea Miller, RN

Cheri McCann, RN, BSN