The Marion County Public Health I-SmileTM @ School program is offering no-cost dental services for children at your school in grades kindergarten - 5th grade.

The following services may be provided by dental hygienists:

  • Dental Screening – a simple look in the mouth to check for cavities.
  • Fluoride Varnish – a sticky liquid that coats all teeth to help make them stronger and prevent tooth decay. 
  • Dental Sealants – a tooth-colored coating that is painted on the back teeth to protect them from food, germs, and acid that cause tooth decay. 
  • Oral Health Education – lessons to help students learn about healthy teeth and mouths.

After the services are provided to your child, a letter will be sent home to you with the results.  Please note that dental screenings do not replace regular dental check-ups.  Your child should visit the dentist at least once a year for a complete exam.

We now offer online registration: https://is.gd/ismileconsentmcph

It is very important that the consent is submitted to ensure that your child can participate.  You can request a paper consent from your school nurse or child’s teacher or print from the links below.  If possible, please use the link to sign up electronically. This program is offered once per school year, don’t miss out! 

Paper copy English

Paper copy Spanish

If you choose to print the paper form, please give it to your child's teacher.

Sign up today! 

Online Registration: https://is.gd/ismileconsentmcp...