As you know the city of Osceola has been changed to a series of bus stops. Due to some late registrations one of the buses is beginning to be overloaded.  I am making a last minute change to the bus number servicing bus stop number 23. It will be bus #14 instead of bus #9. It will also be bus #14 in the afternoon. The time at the stop for pickup will be approximately 7:50 A.M. As with all of the stops in town the times are approximate. We will know a much more accurate time after a few days. Please plan to be early until we have the more accurate time.

 To address concerns of the location of a stop near a registered sex offender I have moved stop #31 one block to the north at Ayers and Osceola Street. It will be serviced by the same bus #20 at approximately the same time.

By changing stop #31 it added additional walking distance to some students that were already at the distance limit. I am adding Bus stop # 33 to the intersection of East View Place and East Clay Street. It will be service by Bus #20 at approximately 7:28 a.m.

Also,  #2 has been moved across the street and a few feet south.

Please bear with us as we begin this challenging year that includes so many different things. Safety is our priority and any unforeseen issues that arise we will address.

Ed Stoll

Transportation Director