Return to Learn Update (7/23/2020)

With increasing COVID cases, and Clarke County identified as a “red zone”, the Clarke administrative team made a recommendation at today’s special meeting of the Clarke board of directors to make a change to the “Return to Learn” plan to require all students and staff to wear a face covering while at school and in school vehicles.  The district will provide each student and staff member one mask.  Students who wish to wear their own mask may do so.  Students and staff may wear face shields instead of, or in addition to, masks.  The district will not provide face shields, except to staff members identified as high risk.

Families may  choose to have their students learn virtually.  Clarke Community Schools will be providing accessibility to teachers, instruction, and curriculum online.  To select this option, please contact your student’s building principal by the end of the day Monday, August 17th.  If you elect for your student to learn virtually, he or she will need to continue with that option for a minimum of two weeks.

 Please contact Superintendent Seid at 641-342-4969 with any questions