As you may have heard, earlier this week the Governor announced that high school summer sports can resume on June 1st.  Both the IGHSAU and the IHSAA announced they supported this move.  Unfortunately, we don't have all the specifics as to how this will all play out at this time.  They hope to release details early next week which should answer the hundreds of questions we have.  

The Department of Education announced at a meeting on Thursday, that there will be no Middle School Baseball or Softball schedules this summer.  8th graders are eligible to play on the High School teams.

All other summer sports are banned from workouts or out of season contact until July 1st. 

I'm including some links below that answers a few questions that you may have as a parent, player or spectator.

Use of Facilities Guidance

Summer Sports Guidance

We are expecting more information to come from the IGHSAU/IHSAA early next week. I will share that as soon as I receive it.  Our Baseball/Softball coaches and myself will have zoom informational meetings next week to explain what the process will look like and be able to answer questions.

Please share this information.