I wanted to share a reminder about where one can go to see various team schedules and other school related events.  Currently, the Clarke Activities Department uses a program called rSchool, like most all schools in Iowa use.  This is an online system that allows us to schedule events and other various things associated with activities.  

We are looking at piloting a new system that would run through Varsity Bound that could replace nearly all of the other platforms we use.  This would allow us to use one platform for scheduling, sport registrations, transportation, facilities, communication, tickets, livestream, officials, contracts and so much more. More information about that in the coming months.

For this winter and the upcoming spring and summer activities, you can see the schedules at the following link:  Events Scheduler

If/when events get adjusted with times, locations or rescheduled, this is where it happens from our end.  No need to call the school to see if something has changed.  You can even sign for notifications if you want those messages to be pushed to you when I make the changes.