The Leader in Me is based on Dr Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The foundation of this program is based on the concept of a tree. We cultivate our roots which represents our character which blossoms into the tree which represents our personality. We cultivate our roots and blossom into a tree by taking care and respecting ourselves and others. With the 7 Habits children and adults grow to be leaders who are effective, confident, and empathetic.

How is LeaderinMe implemented at the PK?

CCPK integrates Leader in Me within our Positive Behavior Interventions System (PBIS). PBIS teaches social-emotional skills such as soft touches, kind words, how to interact in play, and many more skills. Leader in Meintegrates the same teaching with the 7 Habits language thus combining the language and teachings of both skills is natural.

* 7 Habits SONGS sang daily

* Roll-out days to teach/review 7 Habits with activities

* Natural use of language and teaching opportunities

in daily lessons/interactions.

Does LeaderinMe really work in Preschool?

Absolutely! Children 0-7 learn the most at these ages. Teaching/modeling PBIS and The Leader in Me is a huge advantage to providing students with a strong foundation to grow into upstanding individuals and citizens.

How can I apply LeaderinMe at home?

Leader in Me Home Handout

Click above link to read &/or print handout