Silver Cord Volunteer Club

Silver Cord is a Volunteer Club. Students desiring to earn Silver Cord hours must sign up with student leaders, the office, or a Community/Parent Representative to be a member of the Silver Cord Volunteer Club. This allows the school to have a comprehensive list of all students working to earn their
Silver Service Honor Cord.

Contact Ms. Scott to enroll today!

What is Required?

After successful completion of 8th grade and throughout High School, complete 200 hours of Community Service. Stay active by submitting at least five hours per year.

How is a student recognized?

Once 200 hours of Community Service is completed, documentation is submitted to the High School office. Hours are approved and a student is recognized on Senior Awards Night. Students are awarded a Silver Service Honor Cord to wear at graduation.

Why participate?

Volunteerism is an important aspect of building community and understanding our society. Volunteerism also allows experience in possible career areas, interest areas, enjoyment areas, and builds a sense of satisfaction within ourselves. Also, these service hours and recognition serve well on resumes and college applications.

How does a student get involved?

Contact the High School office to get signed up, obtain forms, and get ideas of what you can do to earn hours.

What volunteer opportunities can a student take part in?

Approved volunteer opportunities are posted within this on-line section and examples are listed on the Community Service Record Form. If an opportunity is not listed please contact Ms. Scott or the High School Principal for approval. We encourage new opportunities to expand the possibility for experiences, so please contact us so others can participate.

Is a student an active member of Silver Cord with or without Volunteer hours?

Students are required to turn in five volunteer hours per year to stay an active member of the Silver Cord Volunteer Club. However, if a student has submitted and had all 200 hours approved by the office, this requirement is not applicable.

What are NOT considered Volunteer hours?

Service hours must be completed independently from obligation such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and other groups that give honors or credit for service. Volunteers may not receive payment or course credit for Silver Cord service hours.

How does a student document their hours?

As volunteer hours are earned, students need to complete the Community Service Record Form.  This form needs to have the Activity description, Location, Date, Start time, Finish time, Total hours worked, and be SIGNED by a leader at the volunteer location. NOTE: These forms need to be turned in QUARTERLY to any one of the adult contacts including the High School office. Saving forms for a full year or all four years hinders documentation efforts to approve the Silver Service Cord; please turn them in Quarterly.

Can a student drive to these events or is transportation provided?

Students driving with a school permit CANNOT drive to Silver Cord volunteer opportunities. These opportunities are not school sanctioned. Students of the legal driving age with a legal driving license are welcome to drive to these opportunities. Service hours must be completed independently; it is the student and parent/guardian(s) responsibility to make transportation arrangements to and from volunteer opportunities

Dress Attire:

Students should respect the modesty of the volunteer opportunity placement for dress attire. Following school guidelines for dress attire should allow modesty to be addressed.