Clarke Learning Center

Morning Session: 8:30-11:30 a.m.

Afternoon Session: 12:00-3:00 p.m.

Contact Mr. Ron Pendegraft for more information at rpendegraft@clarke.k12.ia.us or (641) 342-2804.

Clarke Learning Center Diploma (43 credits)

Language Arts 8 credits (5 broad English, 1 Literature, 1 Writing, 1 Speech)
Social Studies 6 credits (2 American History, 1 Global Studies/World History, 1 Government, 2 electives)
Mathematics 6 credits (2 Consumer Math OR 2 Personal Finance; 4 electives)
Science 6 credits
Health 2 credits (1 Personal Health, 1 Family Health)
Career Exploration 2 credits (1 credit“ in class; 1 credit COE/EBCE/Internship/Work Experience)
Physical Education 8 credits
Electives 5 credits
Senior Portfolio/Project

Clarke Learning Center, 2018-2019

Mr. Ron Pendegraft


The Clarke Learning Center is designed for those students who have, for whatever reason, a need for an alternative setting for completing coursework towards their diploma. Course work will be completed on the E2020 Edgenuity Educational website using a computer based class format.

CONTACT: rpendegraft@clarke.k12.ia.us. Cell 641-344-7413 / Classroom 641-342-2804


Be on time.

Be prepared for class when you arrive.

Follow instructions and class rules.

Show respect to everyone and for everything in the classroom.


  • Work hard and stay focused.
  • Ask questions.
  • Acquire EXTRA HELP when needed.
  • Watch and listen to all video presentations.
  • Take your time and answer all questions to the best of your ability.
  • Ask for a check of quizzes, tests and exams before submission.
  • Once you have completed 15% of your class with an 80% grade for that day, you will be allowed to leave. You must work for a minimum of one hour before being eligible to use this incentive.


Any site not related to your class, is not to be watched during work time.

You may discuss class related topics with others during class.

You may use text books to assist with classes.

Taking notes is encouraged.


For this class you will need a 1 inch 3-ring binder w/dividers, loose leaf paper and pencil. These materials will remain in class.


Students are required to attend class for 3 continuous hours each day, either in the morning session or the afternoon session. Students are responsible for contacting the teacher regarding absences. All notes verifying the reason for an absence will be turned in to the HS Office. Determination of excused vs unexcused absences will be determined by the HS Principal. Excessive absences will result in suspension and/or removal from this program. Your attendance and your success in this class are directly related.


Grades will be based on your percentage earned during the conduct of each class. Points earned divided by points possible will determine your percentage which in turn will determine your letter grade. A score of 60% is required to pass a course. The Clarke HS grading scale will apply.