A Parent-Teacher-Community Organization

PTCO is an organization designed to bring parents, teachers, and members of the entire community together to support our school and our children.PTCO promotes school spirit as well as parent and community involvement in our school by sponsoring various projects and fundraisers.

In order for PTCO to be a success, we need YOU! We need parents to join our organization and have a voice in your child's education.

PTCO meetings are held the 1st Monday of each month at 5:30 in the classroom located off the Library at the elementary and usually last one hour. If parents aren't able to attend regular meetings, they can be very useful in other areas.

Our monthly newsletter can be found on the back of the menu and also on the school website.

To maintain our success, we need the support of parents, faculty, and the community. Checkout out the PTCO information on the website and feel free to contact any of the PTCO Board members or send an email to ptco@clarke.k12.ia.us if you have any questions.