The Governor’s Office has extended the current disaster proclamation through February 6th.  The section that pertains to the changes for MS/HS Athletic Events is found on pg. 4 of the document below.


The newest update does indicate that the attendance limitation CAN be lifted throughout the state.  The SCC and Clarke Community School District will continue to use our check-in system via the Band app for all events.  Due to the different sizes of facilities throughout the conference, there may be some schools and specific venues (2nd gyms) that may allow more or fewer spectators based on their capacity. Currently, we are only going to allow our visitors to have 2 spectators per athlete, performer, etc.

  • Each participant is now allowed to have his/her household attend the contest OR have four tickets to use.  It’s one or the other, not both. 

We will base our decisions on what our data is telling us for Clarke County and what's in the best interest of Public Health and the safety of our teams and spectators.  Please remember that we must be diligent in following the mask mandate and the social distancing guidelines as given to us by the Governor’s Proclamation.

Many of us are "tired" of restrictions and guidelines, but we owe it to our kids and coaches to do what it takes to keep their seasons going. We appreciate your support of everything in advance.

The Clarke Activities Department will keep you updated with any changes that may need to happen in the future.


Q. What is meant by a household?

A. A household includes those people who live/reside under the same roof as the player/participant/performer/coach, etc.

Q. Would a student who is living in two households due to a divorce or similar situation be allowed to have both households attend?

A. Yes, the student who is living in two homes would be allowed to have tickets for members of both households.

Q. Can a district issue additional tickets to provide for grandparents or others who previously were approved as one of the four tickets for a student?

A. Clarke is allowing the members of the household that the athlete, performer, etc. OR four tickets. NOT both for one athlete.

Q. Do members of the household have to wear masks and social distance?

A. Member of the same household may sit together, but must social distance from other households. Masks are still required to be worn by everyone and correctly.  Nothing in the updated proclamation changed.

Q. Do spectators still need to leave after their child has competed, performed, etc.?

A. We need to be able to maintain proper social distancing. We may ask people to wait and/or leave the gym for the school to properly enforce the social distancing expectations.

Q. When can spectators arrive for the contest they are on the list to watch?

A. We encourage spectators to not arrive until 15 minutes prior to the game.

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