Clarke Transportaion Dept.

More news from the bus barn

As parents have been registering their students, I have been assigning them bus stops if they live in Osceola or their rural route if they live outside of Osceola. If you are on one of the rural routes it will be very similar to last year. If you live in Osceola your student will have to make their way to their assigned bus stop. I would like to remind you that middle and high school students living within Osceola do not qualify for bussing. There are a few exceptions for safety purposes.

Over the next couple of days I will be adding the bus number and approximate time to each student. You should be able to see it in Infinite Campus.  The times will be approximate. For now, please count on it being earlier in the mornings and after a few days everyone should have a very good idea of when the bus will arrive. With all of the changes, I hope it shakes out and goes smoothly.

If you have questions, please call the bus barn 641-342-4892.  If you have not registered your student or did not request transportation when you were registering, I have not assigned a bus number or bus stop to them. Please don’t attempt to use a bus stop unless it has been assigned to your student. The busses assigned to the stops only have enough room for the students they are suppose to pick up. Getting on a bus not assigned to you may not be going to the campus you need.   The bus stops are numbered and can be seen at this link.

Ed Stoll

Transportation Director